A Comic on How to Skype an Author

By Candy Gourlay

I've met many teachers who would love to do author visits on Skype or Google Hangouts but are daunted by the logistics. So I helpfully made this comic using the amazing BitStrips comic-making website. I am offering one free Skype or Google Hangout Q&A session a month to any classes reading Tall Story or Shine. If you're interested, do get in touch using the contact form below.
Where in the world are you?
candygourlay.coma microphone will help. And don't forget I can see you.It helps if you've got your questions ready. candygourlay.comI love seeing your projects. I love the fact I can show you stuff from my workplaceIsn't it cool we can meet each other no matter where in the world we are?See you very, very soon!
If you're not sure how Google Hangout and Skype work, here's a piece I wrote on How to do a Google Hangout and here are details of How to Plan a Skype Visit.

So ... where in the world are YOU?

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  1. Great post Candy.That's exactly the advice I give before each of my Skype sessions.

    1. Dear Candy,

      My 6th graders just finished part two of "Tall Story" at The Beacon School. They are so bummed that they missed you during your school visit last year!
      We would like to request a Skype session (there are 25 students) with you sometime between Nov. 11 to 16, we are hoping you will be free then!

      Trixie Madamba


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