A Cool Review for Shine in the Guardian

Shine by Candy Gourlay
'A precious and important novel that also explores exile from neighbours, family and country. The book is about reinvention and the faces we present to the world, whether it be in person, on a postcard or on the internet, all wrapped up in an exciting and perfectly paced story with a disturbing and dramatic climax.'
Philip Ardagh, The Guardian
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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Stuff for Writers

Just a heads up to any writers passing through of stuff I recently wrote on the group blog for writers Notes from the Slushpile:

Writing is a decision - no excuses!

No cake, no self control ... scientific proof that cake enhances will power (at least that's how I understood it)

Marketing Platforms: If everyone's now got a platform, how are you supposed to stand out?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

This Season of Gold - Our Olympic Summer doesn't have to come to an end

'Goodbye to Britain's golden summer,' wrote columnist Jonathan Freedland at the close of London 2012. It was indeed golden, and not just because of the bumper crop of British gold medals that
appeared to take the public by surprise in a sports-mad country that rarely seems to come top of the charts.

Sunday night marked the end of a season of wonder that seemed to surprise the hosts as much as the guests, a period where we looked in the mirror and were met by an unexpected reflection – one we rather liked. Read London 2012: Goodbye to Britain's golden summer by Jonathan Freedland