Weddings, Kisses and Shining Moments

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Well who would've thought the royal wedding would put me in such a good mood. Jolly good show to the broadcasters and jolly good show, newly-weds. Speaking of which, I had no idea the royals had their own channel on YouTube.

I have fond, unabashed memories of the Other Royal Wedding.

Especially that kiss on the balcony ...

The Blue Peter Panel at the Oxford Literary Festival 2011

Am I definitely famous now that I've got a photo with Barney Harwood of Blue Peter?

Our panel at the Oxford Literary Festival (from left to right): Philip Reeve (A Web of Air), Barney Harwood of Blue Peter, me and Lauren St John (Dead Man's Cove)
If you have no idea what Blue Peter is then you must be living on another planet ... or another country. Blue Peter is the United Kingdom's favourite kid's TV magazine show, made by the BBC. Here's the Blue Peter website.