Obligatory EUGDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) Statement

Yes. This is about GDPR.


I will try to make this as simple and painless as possible!

The air is kerchinging with the gnashing of teeth over the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules. Please save your dentistry – this is how my website (and I as an author) will comply with the rules.

Who should read this? 

Anyone who has shared their email address with me. You might have done this in a multitude of ways including simply emailing me.

Why should you read this?

So that you know that I am not an evil data farmer who is stealing your data and selling it off to other evil entities who might evilly use it to serve Viagra advertising to your unwitting inbox.

What do you need to know?

• You need to know that I might have your email address in my Gmail contacts list. You need to know that when you email me, Gmail automatically saves your email to my address book.

• You need to know that if you subscribe to my blog, I will have the details you sign up with in a database (which will probably be bloody Mailchimp, who conveniently deleted my account without letting me know).

• You need to know that if ever I set up the online shop that I'd always dreamed of but never had the time to research, or the money to afford, I might collect your email and postal address to deliver products to you. What products you say? Signed copies of my books and perhaps, once I've practiced enough, artwork.

• You need to know that I will not share the information with anyone without your permission.

• You need to know that I will delete your data if you request it. Subscribers to my blog will be able to unsubscribe themselves without contacting me personally and hurting my feelings.

• You need to know that sometimes children do email me and I may reply to them if I don't realise they are children. If I realise they are children, I try to respond publicly through my blog or Facebook page.

• You need to know that I am really good at password-protecting my computer, Google, Mailchimp and other accounts where your data may be stored, with individual passwords that I change regularly. If these entities are ever compromised, I will try not to panic and take their advice on how to protect your data.

• You need to know that I am just a lonely author, sitting in a cave, procrastinating on Facebook, and there are no other people in the cave who have access to your data ... so I have appointed myself my own Data Protection Officer, as prescribed by the GDPR ... I would give myself a massive salary too but sadly will have to do the job for free or go bust.

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