The Chichester Lit Quiz of 2016

Here is a photo-report of the shenanigans we got up to at the Chichester Lit Quiz. If it looks ever so slightly familiar, it's because the same authors were featured as last February's Portsmouth Lit Quiz apart from a shocking attempt to ... well you've got to watch the slideshow to find out!

This Quiz Lit was the very last one for quizmaster of many years Peter Bone, who is soon retiring, apparently to watch birds. Have an exciting retirement, Peter, and I hope to see you at the Lit Quiz (if I'm ever invited again, that is, after all the high jinks with the other authors).

Thanks to the author team, Ali Sparkes, Jeff Norton (who bunked Chichester for Hollywood), Kathryn Evans and the enchanting Dark Lord, Jamie Thomson (who is never without his little coffin). Thank you too to the team behind the Portsmouth and Chichester Lit Quizzes ... and the teachers who trawled through my photographs to check permissions.

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