Why My Hourly Comic is Going to Take DAYS to Draw

I'd always wanted to join Hourly Comic Day but always found out about it after it was over. This year, I spotted my friend Sarah McIntyre's heads up just in time, and thought I'd have a go.

So. Hourly Comic Day happened yesterday. I'd been teaching myself how to use a new graphics tablet and I thought, wouldn't it be clever if I could draw the whole thing digitally?

WRONG. Doing something that requires quick drawing isn't a good idea when you don't know how to use your tool. As you can see, the drawings are kinda muddy and the lines are wonky. That's because drawing on a Wacom (when you're just starting) is like drawing with your left hand when you're right handed. I'm hoping it will get better with practice. Sigh.

Be that as it may (does anyone actually say 'Be that as it may?'). I had a go. I managed two hours. One of the hours I drew was the middle of the night, at three in the morning when something woke me up and my husband began to sing in his sleep.

(You can click on the images to view them in full size)

The other hour I managed to do was six in the morning when I had a dream.

(Don't worry. It turned out hubby just went out early for a 40 mile cycle ride. He does that.)

I will post the other hours I sketched up.

Once I've rubbed out all the mistakes.

View other hourly comics on Twitter. And of course Sarah McIntyre's hourly comic looks fab, even though she decided to be a Triceratops for the day.