Happy Maureen Day!

Today is a big birthday for my friend Maureen Lynas, founder of the Funeverse, the silly poetry site for children and author of the practically perfect Florence and the Meanies. We thought we'd surprise her with a #happymaureenday on social media!

Maureen is turning sixty
SIXTY???? No way!
Someone's gotta warn the others
She's heading out their way!

Is she gonna be a nuisance?
Refuse to mash her food?
Take off the compression tights?
Giggle when jokes are rude?

Can she sit still at tea time?
Or will she stand on her head?
Will she be the noisy one 
When it comes time for bed?

Maureen is turning sixty.
But does she know how to be old?
Will she give up silly stories?
Get her kicks from leaf mould? 

Maureen is turning SIXTY
Be still my beating heart.
Someone better tell the others

Happy Maureen Day!