I love Tall Story. What should I read?

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Dear Candy Gourlay, I loved Tall Story.
What else can I read?

People ask me to suggest books all the time. You're an author, you must know what I will like. But woah! Here's the thing: NO TWO READERS ARE ALIKE.

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One reader's all-time favourite might be another's all-time low.

But that's what's so wonderful about reading. It's personal. No one book will have the same impact. Look at the book reviews on Amazon, people loving and hating the same book with equal passion.

It's OKAY NOT TO LIKE A BOOK. It doesn't make the book bad and it doesn't make you a bad reader.

But if you do like one, how do you figure out what to read? The Slideshare above is my attempt to answer the question by picking out the different aspects of Tall Story that might lead a reader to other books.

Looking for books to love is a treasure hunt. You might want to read ALL these books. Let me know if you do.