Town Hall Tales - Visiting Virginia Primary and Sebright School

The children had all drawn pictures of the book!
I am scheduled to visit them again to see their work
on Tall Story and I CAN'T WAIT!
I'm a very tired author today so this blog post might not be high quality. But I just had to blog to say I had a wonderful time at my school visits today - first to Virginia Primary School in Tower Hamlets then to Sebright Primary School in Hackney with the Town Hall Tales.

Why was it so amazing?

1 The children had actually READ MY BOOK. I cannot tell you how wonderful that is. I wanted to burst into tears. Luckily I manage not to -  it would have been VERY embarrassing.

2 What well behaved, thoughtful, engaged children! What amazing questions. Teachers, let me tell you - the children did you proud.

3 I had to walk through Shoreditch to get to the schools. Now just the sound of the word 'Shoreditch' - well, it isn't promising. But as I walked from one school to another, I was totally bowled over.

I left the house very early in the morning. And this was the view
from the bus. Not promising.

As I left the tube station, I saw this building that appeared
to have paintings hanging on it.

They were windows reflecting the graffiti across the road!

Walking back to the station after the school visits, I saw this giant
hedgehog. I walked past it in the morning but I was so close
I didn't notice it the first time!

And on my way home, just before I entered the station, I glanced to the left
and this sign winked at me.
Thanks for a terrific time, Virginia and Sebright!