My Ridiculous May: a literary salon, a Twitter chat, the Leeds Book Award and the Hay Festival

By Candy Gourlay

Since leaving Facebook, I've been trying to figure out how to neatly keep a record of my author activities. Twitter's ever scrolling feed made it hard to keep a record until I discovered 'Moments' which allows you to order and compile the explosion of  tweets after every event.

To help me keep track of my ridiculously packed life, I'm hoping to document things on my author blog. So here are some Moments from my ridiculously busy May: The WordsAway Literary Salon, The Leeds Book Award 2019, the Hay Festival and #UKMGChat.

And yes, May isn't over yet. I am currently sitting in a hotel room in LA (I hopped on a plane as soon as I got back from the Hay Festival) where I've been participating in a delicious new project. But more of that in another blog post. Here's a photo to keep you going!

Scroll away:


Grateful to Kellie Jackson who invited me to speak at the Words Away Literary Salon at the charming Teahouse Theatre Cafe (they serve no coffee), on a small stage above a dragon's claw. Grateful to pals from SCBWI who turned up for the discussion on writing for children. Kellie kindly summarised the event here.


Bone Talk was shortlisted for the 11 to 14 category of the Leeds Book Award 2019. The shortlist included The Book Case by Dave Shelton, Below Zero by Dan Smith, Child I by Steve Tasane, Mud by Emily Thomas, The Extinction Trials by SM Wilson. Steve Tasane won!


It's been nine years since I appeared on the Hay Festival's programme. Boy, it was fun to be in that famous Green Room again!


If you're an aspiring children's author, you really ought to check out #UKMGChat. Created by children's authors Lorraine Gregory and Miriam Craig, there is a weekly discussion of writing craft and  getting published focused around Middle Grade books. Lorraine and Miriam invite authors, agents, publishers to participate and many a golden nugget can be learned from the subsequent Twitter free for all. I was their featured author last week, it's a good Q&A – check it out!

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