The teachers who made Jarrett J. Krosoczka an author

The Ted Talk led me to Jarrett's graphic novel autobiography, a National Book Award Finalist. Moving, sad, uplifting. Highly recommended reading, especially for older teens.

I just stumbled on this six-year-old Ted Talk by children's author Jarrett J. Krosoczka, telling the story of how he became an author.

I was so moved to see how Jarrett fills his talk with the names and photographs of teachers and other people who gave a boy like him a chance ... who,  throughout his childhood, nurtured the author in him.

I think all teachers, librarians and parents need to watch this video.

In a blog post I wrote back in 2017 – How to be the Old Man, the Crone, the Spirit Guide, the Mentor – I wrote about how we, wittingly and unwittingly, are nurturing the young people around us.

It's worth quoting that post again now:

We all have the power to light a spark in someone else.

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