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Shine by Candy Gourlay
'A precious and important novel that also explores exile from neighbours, family and country. The book is about reinvention and the faces we present to the world, whether it be in person, on a postcard or on the internet, all wrapped up in an exciting and perfectly paced story with a disturbing and dramatic climax.'
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Friday, 14 August 2015

Killing My Darlings

Kill Your Darlings. It's a line often quoted by authors who must ruthlessly chop out characters in the name of story. This is an almost poem I wrote on the subject for the StoryBlog in May, 2013.

There was a FOURTH bear. But he got cut from the story.
Image by Arthur Rackham, now in the public domain.

Oh Character, my dear one,
I am sorry.
I have no loyalty to give you,
Even though I created you with all my love,
Even though it is my own blood that throbs in your veins,
my tears that stain your cheek.
I can promise you nothing.
No steadfast role.
No grand adventure.
No happy ending.
Though I build you up to great heights, I will strike you down without a sigh.
I will grant you great power, only to snatch it away on a whim.
Because when I’m told to kill my darlings, without hesitation
I will unsheathe my blade.
Oh please understand, I love you. I really do.
But it is Story that commands me.
And you, dear one, only exist for the telling of it.

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