How to Be An Author

Over the year, in the name of keeping a record, I'll be archiving blog posts I wrote for other websites. Here's a post I wrote for the now defunct StoryBlog  in January 2013 looking back at my first year as a proper author. Phew, it looks exhausting, the launching, the events, the posing. Two books on, is it still exhausting? Er. Yes. But I'm better at turning my back on social media when I need to now.

How do you balance the roles of creator and author … artist and promoter?

That’s our theme for the current run of posts on the StoryBlog, a question dear to an author’s heart.
Mainly because it gives us a chance to complain a lot.

However. when I saw Sarah McIntyre’s response I was inspired to stop complaining and turn my answer into a comic! But because I’m a lazy artist, i didn’t draw anything, instead, I used Powerpoint to illustrate this Balancing Act we authors have to do!

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