A Discussion Guide for Shine!!! Plus - Cool Young Bloggers and an Excellent Excellence Evening

I made a discussion guide for Shine!

It's really interesting revisiting the story and thinking of the different elements that came together when I was writing the story. I felt a funny twinge in my chest, remembering some of the traumatic things in the story (and why I put them there). Hope you librarians, book groups and readers enjoy this one. Let me know if I can add something more!


A few months ago, Google alerted me to a nice review of Tall Story. Turns out the blogger, Clara, is only 12 years old. I remember when I was 12, and I wasn't cool enough to run my own blog!

Anyway, Clara kindly did a Q&A on me. She was really interested in why I have that picture of myself dressed as Mrs Incredible. Apparently, her little brother actually LOOKS LIKE DASH in the Incredibles. That's just too incredible!

You can read the interview here. Do drop by and say hi to this brilliant young blogger.


Winners of the 'All of School' Awards - left to right: Luke Want, Jed Brandreth, Cameron Richards,  moi, Maliha Falim, Kirsten Seery and Ashleigh Curwood. Photo: Louise Brimble

I spent a day at Carlton Academy in Nottingham last week, doing workshops, talking to kids and hanging out with their cool and very handsome headmaster, Rich Pierpoint.

After a day of presentations, it was wonderful to sit around a table in the library with a group of keen readers. We talked about what they liked to read and then I took them through a workshop where they planned out a story of their own. Their ideas were hilarious, unafraid, comedic and even sharply satirical. It was an inspiring time for me - I hope it was the same for them.

In the evening there was an Excellence evening celebrating the achievements of the students. When the young people marched in to the applause of their parents, I have to say I had a lump in my throat, thinking how proud the parents must have been! How wonderful it was to see these young people rewarded for their brilliant work. The parents positively glowed, and the teachers clearly admired and enjoyed the achievements of their charges -- afterwards it was a joy to mingle and learn their stories. I felt just as proud as everyone else! Every school should do this!​

Till next time!