And here it is ... SHINE, no longer just a (long) figment of my imagination!

If you've been following me on Facebook, you'll notice a flurry of activity around my new book SHINE. This is because SHINE is coming out on the 5th of September - right after the summer holidays. So it's gonna be hard to do the usual promotional run-up because I'll be ... well ... holidaying.

So before we get on our plane, I've been redesigning my website (whatcha think?), putting up my book trailer (BIG, across the top of this blog,  UP THERE! You can't miss it!) and planning my book launch (as part of the Archway With Words Litfest).

In fact, over on the StoryBlog, I just blogged about the soggy setting of my story. Here was my tweet this morning:

I was a little bit sad while doing all this because there was no sign of advance copies and a book doesn't feel real until you've got it in your hot little hands.

Well, yesterday, Tilda - who's been slaving away correcting proofs and liaising with various parts of the chain at Random House - sent me these luscious photos:

Oh wow oh wow oh wow!

Nice shots, Tilda!

Then, this morning, a nice man knocked on my door and gave me a box!

Pul the tab, it said!

Now release the flaps!

Oh my, oh my!

It's really there! It really does EXIST!!!!!!!

That means ...  I am officially no longer a debut author but the author of TWO BOOKS! Someone, pinch me!

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