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Thursday, 18 October 2012

'Do not disturb. I am reading'' ... Door hangers for you

Tall Story Do Not Disturb I am Reading door hangers. Illustration by Sarah McIntyre. Designed by Candy Gourlay

I've got some school visits coming up in the next month or so and I had the brilliant idea of printing door hangers instead of book marks to give away.

Alas when I scouted printing prices, it turned out that I would have to take out another mortgage to have them printed.

But then I thought, why not just supply the design ... and the readers can make the door hangers themselves!

You will need:

1. The high resolution front and back design downloaded from the Tall Story website.

2. A printer to print them out

3. Cardboard and glue.

4. A grown up to cut the card for you!

Glue the front part to the cardboard. Ask the adult very nicely to cut it out for you. Give the adult a big hug. Once the card is cut, carefully glue the other side on! Enjoy your reading (and your feeding!)

With big thanks to my famous friend Sarah McIntyre - she made that wonderful cartoon for me when Tall Story first came out! 


  1. Ha - excellent! I would like to use them both myself.

  2. These are fab! I hate being interrupted when reading


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