Storyblogging time again - how I started writing a vampire novel but lost my way in the rain

Over on the Storyblog, DFB authors and illustrators are blogging on the subject of second books.

The subject of course is most significant to me as my second novel is coming out next year. Shine has been almost three years in the making, and I think it's okay to reveal that, frankly, it's NOT the book I set out to write.

Read my Storyblog piece on how my second novel was a tale of the unexpected ...

(You might notice that I turned off the comments on this post to save you the trouble of commenting on both ... which is a very, very broad hint that I'd love some comments on the Storyblog! Thank you in advance!)

You might also want to read what the other DFB Storybloggers had to say -

  • Linda Newbery led with the painful story of her second book. 
  • The illustrators Richard Collingridge, David Wyatt (who recalled feelings of gratitude and anxiety on  his second cover commission by a young, fresh faced David Fickling), Sarah McIntyre and Lesley White showed off some wonderful sketches and talked about second tries (and third tries) 
  • John Dickinson talked about what could go wrong with a sequel
  • Andrew Norris talked about what could go right (and well he should as his second Archie book is now out) 
  • Conrad Mason went on and on about lemurs and goblins. 
  • And Adele Geras hooked me immediately by revealing that her second novel was actually her first.