Help! I've crossed to the other side of my century!

Oops. Where did all those years go?

And no. I don't like to think of fifty as the new thirty or the new forty.

Fifty is fifty. And most of my 50 years were GREAT. So I would never want to pretend they never happened! (most of the time anyway)

Thanks to all the people who rang and texted and posted birthday greetings on Facebook. It was a lovely day.

This was a Philippine Airlines commercial that was playing on British TV when I first moved to the UK in 1989. On that first year, I was incredibly homesick and that advert had the power to reduce me to tears.

The beauty of the Philippines, shining through. In fact, I found myself reflecting on that very line over on Rappler, the Philippine News and Features website, after a mobile phone was stolen from my suitcase at Manila's international airport. Read my column here.


  1. Can't believe you are 50 - until I think of all the things you've done and then 50 years seems like a miraculously short time x

  2. Actually this comic isn't finished. I wanted to make a comic about my birthdays as a child in the Philippines. A long long time ago I did a weekly comic strip for a magazine. But I was so rusty, I found it really hard and was terribly dependent on Photoshop to make it all fit. My 50th birthday resolution is to draw more. I'll post the rest of this comic someday but maybe not soon.

  3. You mean you were published before you were 50? That's what I call precocious!

  4. Just to say Happy Birthday and wishing your oodles of good things in the next 50!


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