See you at the Hay Festival!

Tomorrow at 4pm, I'm on a panel with my favourite author Geraldine McCaughrean with my favourite illustrator Sarah McIntyre as our moderator! Both Geraldine's latest book and mine are rife with calamity - Geraldine's Pull Out All the Stops has a flood, and Tall Story, an earthquake. So here's a drawing by Sarah of our entire Hay panel in the middle of a flood!

I love that Sarah's wearing a collander on her head. Geraldine looks great as a hayseed. And boy do I wish I really did know how to play a geeetar.
And if you haven't seen my video about the Hay Festival ... here it is!

I will be appearing at the Hay Festival on 30 May (with Geraldine McCaughrean and Sarah McIntyre), 4pm; and on 31 May (All by herself, 4pm. Help!)