Auto-tuning the news - how marvelous!

My blogs gone quiet ... that's because I'm writing hard - gotta turn my new novel in before Christmas! But until I get back to ya, I still hope to post a few ...

My friend Addy Farmer (author of Siddharth and Rinki) told me about this amazing new mash-up craze of auto-tuning news reports like this:

... into edgy music like this:

I am constantly astonished and thrilled by the creativity that comes out of the internet - but mashups like these underline the need to redefine copyright, intellectual property and all our conceptions of ownership to keep the creativity coming.

More good stuff - a youtube video of a guy going mental over a double rainbow ... here's the auto-tune:

Thanks Freya Townley for supplying the links!

ADD: SCBWI friend Mio Debnam sent me this one - so cool!

Here's the news report it's based on.


  1. YouTube is a no-audition-needed stage for the WORLD. I think it's amazing, too. My current favorite:
    how to be alone

  2. It's definitely a force for the good isn't it? But it's something to ponder ... that not everyone can afford to be generous with their intellectual property ... i guess it's a case of you share some you keep some.

  3. I wondered where you'd gone - blog wise. Just like you to be working hard on another novel ... I've got to take a page out of your book!


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