Does the world need another blog like it needs a hole in the ozone layer?

Another blog, you say? But aren't I all blogged out? What about my blog Notes from the Slushpile?

Clearly, I am insane.

Well, maybe only slightly.

The thing is, you see, it used to be that my blog readers were fellow writers.

We discussed stuff to do with getting published like craft, the publishing industry, literary agents, editors, marketing, endurance, what rejection feels like, how rejection hurts, how horrible rejection can be, how rejection gets you down  ... okay, I admit it, sometimes we went a little stir crazy from rejection.

When I finally got a book contract, people kept asking me, what are you going to do now? You aren't on the slushpile any more, you can't keep pretending you're on the slushpile.

Well, I think I'm still on the slushpile, really. Publication is never guaranteed. And I like whining blogging about trying to get published. So I'm not junking Notes from the Slushpile just yet.

But finally getting published means I've got to pay some attention to those lovely, astonishingly gorgeous and intelligent folks out there who will be buying and reading my books.

All this time, I'd been blogging for writers. Now that my book Tall Story is coming out (Pre-order! NOW! On Amazon! Just saying), I have to think about blogging for READERS.

Photo stuartpilbrow, Via Creative Commons with thanks!

So here is my new blog.

If you like reading, if you like reading my books (of which someday there will be hundreds! HAHAHAHA ... oops, sorry. Must curb tendency towards maniacal laughter) ... follow my new blog, join in the conversation, have a laugh. Who knows, famous people might want to hang out with us.

See you on the web!